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Arctic Arts Project

Tundra Change

As sea ice extent declined over the past years, Arctic tundra has received an increased amount of summer warmth and has gotten greener. Arctic tundra is a maritime biome, most of which can be found within 100 kilometers of seasonally ice-covered seas.

Arctic Arts Project

Arctic Sea Ice Status

March 2019, Sea Ice Maximum extent is 7th lowest in history remained anomalously low compared to the long-term mean.

Arctic Arts Project

Patterned Ground

Patterned ground is the distinct, and often symmetrical geometric shapes formed by ground material in periglacial regions.

Where the Arctic Meets The Arts

The Project mission is to educate and inspire, and to provide a visual vocabulary for the kinetic evolution of a warming world. We seek a unique perspective; one that encompasses what is before us while carrying what has been and what will be in stunning imagery.


We seek imagery that engages the viewer in what is happening as well as the beauty of a given scene. The goal is to present an immersive visual body of work that, within its content, will reveal a unique perspective on climate change in the Arctic and other vulnerable places on the planet.  In collaborating with scientists, educators and philosophers, the Arctic Arts team hopes to contribute to significant dialogue about the kinetic changes occurring around the world as climate is altered and its effects are revealed.

The belief is that geographical areas that are under significant kinetic change are constantly revealing visual elements, both artistic and scientific, and may have only been witnessed globally by a few people, if at all. It is the Project's intent to bring this unique, visual kaleidoscope to the world at large. In the Arctic, where change is most apparent and dynamic, the elements of ice, water and fire dominate, In more populated parts of the world, drought, flood, fire and changes in the resources humans depend on are effecting the landscape and the flora and fauna that exist there. Capturing these changes as the aesthetics of evolution rather than extinction opens the door to dialogue that sees climate change as part of an ongoing process to which we can actively adapt rather than a terminus toward which we inexorably, hopelessly march.

With “Visual Literacy” as the Project’s core emphasis, the Arctic Arts team has ventured out beyond the typical, Arctic iconic locations finding evidence of change among the unique and the sublime, the majestic and the minute. From the volcanic eruption at Holuhraun and the fjords of East Greenland to the banks of the Colorado River in the United States, each expedition lends itself directly to the distinct visuals that represent the Arctic Arts Project core mission.

The Arctic Arts Project continues to evolve, as a unified voice for the Arctic and beyond, through its ever-expanding collaborative of some of the worlds most recognized environmental photographers and visual communicators. This collaboration continues to allow the Project to reach far into the remote places affected by shifting climate and to allow the world to be educated by its visual interpretation of Climate Change.

"Relevance" The Immersive Film

We want to bring people closer to our perceptions and experiences of the Arctic and other vulnerable environments through immersive media. Our intent is to transport the viewer, through this experience, to an understanding of how the change in these places is relevant to their future.

Our goal is to engage the viewer in 360 degree environments through a series of folio films. Moving beyond the role of simple documentarians, our intent is to bring a sense of awe and reverence to the evidence of change as we have experienced it.

The work in these folio films will culminate in a full length film available in traditional two dimensional as well as 360 degree formats.

The Arctic Arts Project creates personal, narrative, specific content supported by solid science.

Inspiration in nature

Arctic Arts is about inspiring, educating and creatively communicating stories of change within the periarctic regions. We hope that you will be inspired by the images and stories and join us in becoming a voice for the arctic.