Arctic Arts Project
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Arctic Arts Project

Tundra Change

As sea ice extent declined over the past years, Arctic tundra has received an increased amount of summer warmth and has gotten greener. Arctic tundra is a maritime biome, most of which can be found within 100 kilometers of seasonally ice-covered seas.

Arctic Arts Project

Arctic Sea Ice Status

October 2013, While the sea ice extent this summer was higher than the past several summers, extent remained anomalously low compared to the long-term mean.

Arctic Arts Project

Patterned Ground

Patterned ground is the distinct, and often symmetrical geometric shapes formed by ground material in periglacial regions.

Where the Arctic Meets The Arts

The Arctic Art Project intends to create a photographic fine art collection of works that span the northern most hemisphere of our planet. Join with us as we journey through the arctic, over time, exploring the visual response to Climate Change.


The project goal is to capture a body of work over the next 36 months that will reveal unique images of environmental art that currently exist within the region surrounding the arctic circle. The belief is that geographical areas that are under significant kinetic change are constantly revealing visual elements, both artistic and scientific, that may have only been witnessed globally by a few select people, if at all. It is the project's intent to bring this unique visual kaleidoscope of ice, water, fire, tundra and fauna to the world at large, capturing the change as the aesthetics of rebirth rather than extinction.

Current plans are to photograph within the following periarctic regions; Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Jan Mayan Island, Norway and Slavbard archipelago north of the 81* parallel. Seasonal change would also be captured within a selection of these regions so as to exhibit change over both smaller increments of time as well as change on a grander timetable. The project would seek to capture this environmental palette in areas both occupied by man and in areas so remote that few humans have ventured into its region.

The Project

The Arctic Arts Project looks to artistically capture the exquisite art and essence of the Arctic change; the colors, the light, the textures, the forces of nature that create a sense of visceral beauty within its evolution. The Project intends to create a photographic fine art collection of works that span the northern most hemisphere of our planet.

Inspiration in nature

Arctic Arts is about inspiring, educating and creatively communicating stories of change within the periarctic regions. We hope that you will be inspired by the images and stories and join us in becoming a voice for the arctic.