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Arctic Arts Project

Evidence of Change Comes in Many Forms

Change is pervasive, kinetic and profound something new? Follow the journey and join we capture the art of the peri-arctic regions.

Arctic Arts Project

Arctic Arts To Present at the Arctic Circle Summit

More than 40 countries will convene in Reykjavik Iceland this October to forum on Climate Change.

Arctic Arts Project

Polygon Hummocks
Photographed in Greenland at 72º North Latitude

A pivitol moment in The Arctic Arts Project occured when Kerry Koepping and Iurie Belegurchi encountered Polygon Hummocks in the Scoresby Sound in summer of 2015

Arctic Arts Project in the News

L'Artico che cambia: tre anni di riscaldamento globale

Fantastic article from -Itlay Fall 2015

L'Artico che cambia: tre anni di riscaldamento globale

Fantastic article from -Itlay Fall 2015


Colorado photographer measures climate change with his camera.

Numerical data and graphs about climate change can even bore weather nerds to tears, but when that data manifests itself visually, it gets some attention.
Colorado photographer Kerry Koepping set out into the Arctic for 36 months, to measure global warming using just his camera. The results successfully show dramatic change, as well as incredible beauty. The warming atmosphere of the Arctic creates brand new landscapes every single year.

September is normally the time when sea ice reaches it's minimum point for the year. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, 2015 is on pace to be the third or fourth lowest in satellite history.

Koepping's Arctic Arts Project will be on display at NCAR's (National Center for Atmospheric Research) Mesa Lab until March. Like all the displays there, it is free to the public. You can see specific examples of change, like 400 feet of ancient ice lost from an ice cave at the Vatnajokull Ice Cap in Iceland, and extensive vegetation growth in areas that were frozen tundra just a few years ago.

"I think it is important that the Arctic has a voice," Koepping told 7News, "that's not politically based, it's not corporately based, it's driven by the reality of - here's the visual, now you make your decision on how to effect change or is there change?"

By: Cory Reppenhagen-ABC 7News
September 10, 2015
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Photographer captures Arctic Circle Year Over Year

An award-winning photographer has documented the effects of global warming in the Arctic Circle over the last 36 months. For the three-year life of the Arctic Arts Project, Kerry Koepping has visited some of the most remote areas in the world to visually 'measure' climate change. The experienced snapper captured a smorgasbord of ice, water, fire and fauna during 15 trips to Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway - each a month long. Among the locations Kerry shot from a helicopter over Iceland's Holuhraun Volcano and captured the melting glaciers in Alaska.

One snap showed 1300-year-old Vatnajokull, also known as the Crystal Cave, had receded by 100 meters in just 12 months and is not expected to exist in its current form after the 2015 summer melt.
Kerry, from Colorado, USA, said: "We used a guide as some locations are easy to reach, but others pose significant challenges.
"The last expedition was a schooner sailing trip into Scoresby Sound, Greenland.
"We had to pick up the ship in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, said to be the most remote community in the world. Then we sailed for 10 days.
"To be in an ice cave surrounded by ice that dates back to the Vikings is pretty heady stuff. Knowing that it will be gone in a mere few months is humbling.
"The Arctic is rather epic. It's beautiful yet stark, vast yet detailed. It really makes me feel quite small.
"I think it is important that the Arctic has a voice. A voice that's not politically based, not corporately based - here's the visual, here's the data, now you make your decision on how you will affect change?" Kerry has been photographing landscapes for the last 30 years but this was the first time working on an environmental project.
He added: "I've always been an outdoors person but finding the polygon hummocks in Alaska was a life changer.
"When photographing the Arctic, I tune in to the hidden storylines within the subject and try to communicate that sense back to the viewer.
"I feel a sense of responsibility, knowing that I may be one of only a few people on earth witnessing a given subject."

PUBLISHED: 00:00, Wed, Sep 16, 2015 | UPDATED: 14:00, Wed, Sep 16, 2015



So schön ist die Arktis-
So beautiful is the Arctic

Leuchtend blaue Eisberge, endlose Weiten und feuerspuckende Vulkane: Der Fotograf Kerry Koepping hat drei Jahre lang die schönsten Orte der Arktis in Bildern festgehalten.
Sein Langzeit-Projekt hat einen ernsten Anlass: Mit den Fotos dokumentiert Koepping die teilweise dramatischen Effekte des Klimawandels in den eisigen Regionen von Kanada, Island, Grönland und Norwegen. Wir zeigen die spektakulären Bilder in unserer Galerie.…/2015/…/so-schoen-ist-die-arktis.html

Bright blue icebergs , endless expanses and fire-breathing volcanoes : The photographer Kerry Koepping has three years held the most beautiful places in the Arctic in pictures.
His long-term project -Arctic Arts-has a serious reason : With Photos Koepping documented the sometimes dramatic impacts of climate change in the icy regions of Canada , Iceland, Greenland and Norway . We show the spectacular pictures in our gallery .…/2015/…/so-schoen-ist-die-arktis.html

Quotes Interview:

Kerry Koepping er atvinnuljósmyndari frá Colorado í Bandaríkjunum. Hann hefur í yfir þrjá áratugi myndað landslag víðs vegar um heiminn, þar á meðal óbyggðir Alaska, Vatíkanið í Róm og margar af helstu náttúruperlum Bandaríkjanna. Í lok júní hóf hann gerð þriggja ára ljósmyndaverks með 3 vikna dvöl á Íslandi. Verkið sem ber nafnið Artic Arts, felur í sér að mynda ólíkar breytingar á norðurhjara veraldar, allt frá áhrifum eldfjalla, jökla og vatnsfalla á landslagið, útfrá listrænu sjónarhorni.

Meðal viðkomustaða á Íslandi var Reykjanes, Snæfellsnes, Landmannalaugar, Eyjafjallajökul og Vatnajökull. Samstarfsaðilar eru myndavélaframleiðandinn Pentax, Providence sem rekur hótel víðs vegar um Bandaríkin, auk Icelandair. Ísland varð fyrir valinu sem upphafs viðkomustaður sökum þeirrar fjölbreytni sem einkennir landslagið. Sýnileiki stöðugra breytinga í ungu landslagi Íslands kom honum skemmtilega á óvart, og varð grundvöllur fjölda ljósmynda sem og áframhaldandi spurninga. Kerry er í samstarfi við fjölda vísindamenn sem ljá verkinu innsýn með sérþekkingu sinni á breytingaröflum.

Kerry Koepping is professional photographer from Colorado in the United States . He has over three decades of photographing landscapes and travel environments around the world , including Alaska outback , the Vatican in Rome and many of the greatest natural wonders of the United States. In late June , he began making three-year photographic project with a 3 -week venture in Iceland. The journey, titled The Artic Arts Project, involves photographing the unique changes in the northern hemisphere , from the effects of climate change, volcanoes , glaciers and rivers in the landscape , based on an artistic perspective.

Among the featured locations in Iceland was Landmanalaugar, Reykjanes , Snæfellsnes , Nice, Jokullsarlon and the Vatnajökull glacier . Partners in the project are camera manufacturer Pentax , Providence Hospitality which operates hotels throughout the United States , as well as Icelandair. Iceland was chosen as a starting point of the project due to the diversity of the landscape and its constantly evolving geographical makeup. The dynamic and constant change in the young landscapes of Iceland came to him a pleasant surprise , and became the basis of a number of photographs and further questions. Kerry has partnered with a number of scientists throughout the globe who work lend insight with expertise in change forces.

The cameras that Kerry has used over the years span a broad range of film and digital machines. Among them are Hasselblad , Nikon , Mamya , 35mm and medium format . He has recently made the switch to a Pentax 645D , digital medium format 40 megapixel camera ( 44x33 megapixel CCD sensor and nearly 1 million dpi ) , of which the TIFF scales to a 120 mb image! Pentax is as previously said a project sponsor , and the 645D engine comes into the market as one of the premier high medium format digital cameras. The project, which will span the different countries of the Arctic , from Iceland to United States , Canada, Russia, Greenland, Norway and elsewhere, that is evolving regarding performances form or yield.

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