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Arctic Arts Project

Evidence of Change Comes in Many Forms

Change is pervasive, kinetic and profound something new? Follow the journey and join we capture the art of the peri-arctic regions.

Arctic Arts Project

What Makes Ice Blue:
Glacial Change

Change is evident throughout the world - but has never been more aparent than in the arctic regions.

Arctic Arts Project

Polygon Hammock
Patterns are Formed

A pivitol moment in The Arctic Arts Project occured when Kerry Koepping encountered Polygon Hammocks. Read the story...

Where the Arctic Meets The Arts

Change is pervasive, kinetic and profound something new? Environmentally speaking, climate change appears as a rapid course of kinetic evolution. As the human existence is wrapped in questions both profound and complex regarding this change, one question that surfaces for me as an artist is: What does profound kinetic evolution look like? What is the visual response to these changes in our environment?


The Project mission is to educate, inspire, and provide perspective on the kinetic evolution of the Arctic, on a global scale.  The goal is to present a visual body of work that, within its content, will reveal a unique perspective of climate change in the Arctic. The Arctic Arts Project hopes to generate continued meaningful dialog between the scientific, educational and artistic worlds through its unique visual perspective on the change that is occurring each day within the peri-Arctic regions.

The belief is that geographical areas that are under significant kinetic change are constantly revealing visual elements, both artistic and scientific, and may have only been witnessed globally by a few people, if at all. It is the Project's intent to bring this unique visual kaleidoscope of ice, water, fire, tundra and fauna to the world at large, capturing the change as the aesthetics of evolution rather than extinction. 

The Project's Core

With “Visual Literacy” as the Project’s core emphasis, the Arctic Arts team has ventured out beyond the typical Arctic iconic locations finding evidence of change among the unique and beautiful, the majestic and the minute. From the volcanic eruption at Holuhraun to the fjords of East Greenland, each expedition lends itself directly to the distinct visuals that represent the Arctic Arts Project core mission.

The Arctic Arts Project continues to evolve, as a unified voice for the Arctic, through its ever expanding collaborative of some of the worlds most recognized environmental photographers. This collaboration continues to allow the Project to reach far into the remote regions of the peri-Arctic and to allow the world to be educated by its visual interpretation of change in the Arctic.